Face painting 

Brighten up your event or party with face painting! 

Pricing (one hour minium):  

  • One hour $60  
  • 90 minutes $75
  •  2 hours $95

Outside the Lines uses Mehron’s premium quality, FDA approved make up. It is water-based and easy to clean.


Prenatal Belly Painting

Prenatal belly painting is a beautiful and unique way to honor your pregnancy. Bring your painted belly to your baby shower, blessing ceremony, or for baby announcements.

Session typically lasts 45 minutes to one hour depending on detail of design. Use your design or a collaboration. Pricing starting at $65. Gift Certificates available.


Hosting a Fundraiser?

Face Painting is a great way to help raise funds for schools and other organizations. Hire me by the hour and a % of commission of a pay-per-face rate ($3.00 cheek, $5.00- $7.00 full face)

I paint with speed and precision with designs that take between 2 - 5 minutes with an average of 3 minutes. I keep the queue moving so everyone has enough time to enjoy your event.

You saw me at Family Fun night while Recess Monkeys were playing, the Children's Museum's Fall Carnival, and Sharpstein School Carnival.